My Latest Little Project

I’m really proud of this little video. I have a dream for my blog and YouTube channel and social media. This is the beginning…

Feel free to share my videos or any of my content from this time forward.

30 In 30

Well… It is just about that time in my life. I will be 30 years old in 30 days. The time in my life in which I thought I would have it all figured out. Probably have a house, cars, wife, children, dogs, and be successful. You know, that “American Dream” crap people always talk about. Boy was I wrong.

Actually, I wasn’t really wrong. I’ve had most of those things at one point in time. I have tasted success on high levels. I have had and continue to care for several fur babies that I love more than anything. I have loved and lost. I’ve been through many apartments and vehicles. More important than any of that is what I have gained over the years. Especially the last five or six years.

I am wealthy in knowledge, adventure, experience, and wisdom. I have done and achieved things that most people twice my age don’t get a chance to do. I have been able to impact a handful of people in this world and make a difference in their lives. I have given… Abundantly given of myself to the people around me to try to improve their days, weeks, months, years, and lives.

I have “figured it all out” many different times, only to be reminded that I don’t know one damn thing about this life or this world. I have bet all my chips on things that have left me high and dry. I have had things unexpectedly pop up that were more wonderful than anything I could have planned for or created myself.

I have known extreme darkness and extreme light. Massive highs and massive lows. I have also… Just existed at times. I’ve had no clue where my next paycheck was coming from and I have had heaps of gifts and bonuses and other blessings. The same maintenance is also true for this area of life as well.

Here are the really important things to me, as I look back on my life. I have realized that everything happens for a reason. We don’t always know why or how or when or anything, really. But there is a reason for it all. Sometimes it is just to teach us a lesson, like making the best of a really awful situation. I have learned why I am who I am and how I came to be a this person. I have learned how to read other people and why they are the way they are and to strive to understand instead of to judge or condemn them. I have learned what lights my soul on fire, what makes me happy, and how I want to impact the world around me. I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin and my own life, no matter what that looks like to other people. I have realized that there are only a couple things in life that are really important… Your happiness is one of those things. Pursuing that relentlessly and tirelessly is worth it in the end.

And this brings me to the other thing that I have learned. This is probably the most important thing I have learned… I have wonderful friends and family that will do anything and everything for me in pursuit of my happiness and my goals. Fantastic people that will give of themselves freely and abundantly on a moment’s notice. I have learned that the most valuable and powerful thing in this world might not actually be our own happiness, but doing what we can for others around us to impact their happiness. Giving to others and giving back to the people around you is the best and most rewarding thing you can do.

I wanted to write this post as an acknowledgment of sorts and to clear my head of the thoughts that I have. My life isn’t what I thought it would be as I approach this milestone, but I believe it is what it should be. I also believe that the next several decades will be bigger, better, and more amazing than the previous ones. I constantly see things about some of the great people in our world and how they didn’t do this or that until later in their lives… Maybe my timeline isn’t the same as everybody else’s… Maybe I have to take the long way to the success and achievement that I so desire.

My final thoughts on this post are that progress is progress. It might not be a large bank account or wild and crazy achievements or things, but I have progressed mentally and emotionally by leaps and bounds and I am thankful for that. I believe that we all should be kind to everyone around us, including and especially ourselves. I also believe that we need not compare ourselves to those around us and judge our speed or timeline against theirs. Things will come when they are meant to. Continue pressing forward with your head held high. Remember the things you have learned from all of the knowledge, information, experience, and wisdom you have gained. And most importantly apply that wisdom to all the future experiences you have and try to impact the people around you positively without any concern for your benefit or reward.

Goodnight to you all. I hope my journey through life helps you somehow.