Valentines Day

I wanted to make a video about the dogs anyways, but Valentines Day seemed appropriate to me for some reason so I did it. Check it out!

I also have been putting in a great deal of work to be better at editing and creating videos. There are so many intricate details to videos. So much to think about and do. I hope you like it!

My Latest Little Project

I’m really proud of this little video. I have a dream for my blog and YouTube channel and social media. This is the beginning…

Feel free to share my videos or any of my content from this time forward.

Number Three

The third rule is particularly interesting to me. Especially given my life and how it has progressed. I have said several times in my life recently that all I have is the things I have done to help other people in this world. I have tried vigilantly to take care of the people around me as best I can. To reach out and to give them all that I have. I think this is the best gift that we can give anybody in this world. This talk hit me solidly in the chest. Simon is a wonderful mind and a great leader.

Flow State


I just can’t get enough of this guy. He has helped me to hack my own brain and emotions. I connected with this video so much. As I sat and listened to him talk I realized my own flow state and process. Coaching… Teaching… Helping other people is my flow state. Also traveling alone… Getting away. These times my self editing and self consciousness disappear. Anybody who has worked with me or around me has seen it. I can freestyle and talk and rant endlessly. I think this might be the reason why I like coaching and helping others. And love traveling alone so I can think… Get out of my own way.

These last several months have been that for me as well. I have been largely uncomfortable. On the move… Also consulting for coaching and helping other’s golf. I have found happiness in movement and action and I have found fear and anxiety and stress in any stagnation or lack of action. I believe that I crave this flow state. I am a daydreamer. I always have been. I believe this is why I can ramble to a camera on my vlog while driving or doing something so easily. I’m in my creative flow state that I crave. Editing videos is the same thing… It feels like killing the adult and letting the child run. And I believe that is what many, many people struggle with and would like to do.

Side tangent and I will wrap this little post up. I believe that children are mostly geniuses. I also believe that adults screw them up, for the most part. Think of the child questioning why to something the adult scolds them for. That’s the way it is. Be quiet. I said so… Do as your told. I believe that from a young age our creativity and desire to explore and create is largely stifled. I also believe that most adults are screaming inside to be creative and explore and create.

Last thing, promise. I’m gonna tell you a quick story about an athlete I coached. We will call her Bill, because that’s funny and I said so. Bill was trying to do a clear hip to handstand on a low bar. She could only achieve this skill by changing her body positions from an arch to a big pike and then back to a big arch and that is generally frowned upon for the skill and in the world of gymnastics. I heard many other adults scolding her for how “loose” she was in her core because of the observation of this body shape change. I was working with Bill one day while fully engaged and deep into a flow state and being highly creative. Bill achieved her handstand position in the way she knew how and I started to join along with the other adults and scold her for being loose. I stopped… Took a deep breathe, thought for a second, and then opened my mouth. I said… “You’re a genius. Everybody tells you that you’re weak and loose in your core. But you’re not… Your core and mid section are the absolute strongest part of your body. Because you were taught how to do the skill improperly and your shoulder strength has not been properly developed, you have figured out that the only way to achieve the skill to a handstand and keep up with the other athletes and be perceived as hard working and successful is to use your strengths to overcompensate for your weaknesses. Congrats, Bill. You’re a genius. Here is what you should do to strengthen your shoulders and this is how the skill works properly… Do these things and nobody will ever tell you how weak and loose you are again.”

I hope anybody that reads that can understand the power of the words to the athlete. The validation of effort and the direction of focus. The smile that flashed across her face was something you should wish to be able to bottle and hand out to everybody you interact with. Instead of condemning her to a life of unsuccessfulness and failure, I validated her efforts and focused her in a positive direction with enthusiasm and sincerity. The results were magic. I’ve done this hundreds of times with athletes by thinking differently, reverse engineering what I want, using empathy, and being positive and enthusiastic in what I say and do.

Thanks for reading! Back soon!





I wanted to share these with you all. These are people that I have been watching that seriously inspire me to want to do more and create more. The video quality, the editing, the music, all of it… So good. Very impressed with all of these and very inspired.

This video is just for the tech side of things. Super impressive…

This is what they are talking about. Looking for a fourth member of the squad.

This is the guy they invited. So amazing… I love this video. Seriously inspired.

This is another good one. Goals…

Another good one.

This one is actually probably my favorite. I want to learn this all…

I want to learn it all. Now. All of it… Right now.