Valentines Day

I wanted to make a video about the dogs anyways, but Valentines Day seemed appropriate to me for some reason so I did it. Check it out!

I also have been putting in a great deal of work to be better at editing and creating videos. There are so many intricate details to videos. So much to think about and do. I hope you like it!

My Latest Little Project

I’m really proud of this little video. I have a dream for my blog and YouTube channel and social media. This is the beginning…

Feel free to share my videos or any of my content from this time forward.

Number Three

The third rule is particularly interesting to me. Especially given my life and how it has progressed. I have said several times in my life recently that all I have is the things I have done to help other people in this world. I have tried vigilantly to take care of the people around me as best I can. To reach out and to give them all that I have. I think this is the best gift that we can give anybody in this world. This talk hit me solidly in the chest. Simon is a wonderful mind and a great leader.

Flow State


I just can’t get enough of this guy. He has helped me to hack my own brain and emotions. I connected with this video so much. As I sat and listened to him talk I realized my own flow state and process. Coaching… Teaching… Helping other people is my flow state. Also traveling alone… Getting away. These times my self editing and self consciousness disappear. Anybody who has worked with me or around me has seen it. I can freestyle and talk and rant endlessly. I think this might be the reason why I like coaching and helping others. And love traveling alone so I can think… Get out of my own way.

These last several months have been that for me as well. I have been largely uncomfortable. On the move… Also consulting for coaching and helping other’s golf. I have found happiness in movement and action and I have found fear and anxiety and stress in any stagnation or lack of action. I believe that I crave this flow state. I am a daydreamer. I always have been. I believe this is why I can ramble to a camera on my vlog while driving or doing something so easily. I’m in my creative flow state that I crave. Editing videos is the same thing… It feels like killing the adult and letting the child run. And I believe that is what many, many people struggle with and would like to do.

Side tangent and I will wrap this little post up. I believe that children are mostly geniuses. I also believe that adults screw them up, for the most part. Think of the child questioning why to something the adult scolds them for. That’s the way it is. Be quiet. I said so… Do as your told. I believe that from a young age our creativity and desire to explore and create is largely stifled. I also believe that most adults are screaming inside to be creative and explore and create.

Last thing, promise. I’m gonna tell you a quick story about an athlete I coached. We will call her Bill, because that’s funny and I said so. Bill was trying to do a clear hip to handstand on a low bar. She could only achieve this skill by changing her body positions from an arch to a big pike and then back to a big arch and that is generally frowned upon for the skill and in the world of gymnastics. I heard many other adults scolding her for how “loose” she was in her core because of the observation of this body shape change. I was working with Bill one day while fully engaged and deep into a flow state and being highly creative. Bill achieved her handstand position in the way she knew how and I started to join along with the other adults and scold her for being loose. I stopped… Took a deep breathe, thought for a second, and then opened my mouth. I said… “You’re a genius. Everybody tells you that you’re weak and loose in your core. But you’re not… Your core and mid section are the absolute strongest part of your body. Because you were taught how to do the skill improperly and your shoulder strength has not been properly developed, you have figured out that the only way to achieve the skill to a handstand and keep up with the other athletes and be perceived as hard working and successful is to use your strengths to overcompensate for your weaknesses. Congrats, Bill. You’re a genius. Here is what you should do to strengthen your shoulders and this is how the skill works properly… Do these things and nobody will ever tell you how weak and loose you are again.”

I hope anybody that reads that can understand the power of the words to the athlete. The validation of effort and the direction of focus. The smile that flashed across her face was something you should wish to be able to bottle and hand out to everybody you interact with. Instead of condemning her to a life of unsuccessfulness and failure, I validated her efforts and focused her in a positive direction with enthusiasm and sincerity. The results were magic. I’ve done this hundreds of times with athletes by thinking differently, reverse engineering what I want, using empathy, and being positive and enthusiastic in what I say and do.

Thanks for reading! Back soon!





I wanted to share these with you all. These are people that I have been watching that seriously inspire me to want to do more and create more. The video quality, the editing, the music, all of it… So good. Very impressed with all of these and very inspired.

This video is just for the tech side of things. Super impressive…

This is what they are talking about. Looking for a fourth member of the squad.

This is the guy they invited. So amazing… I love this video. Seriously inspired.

This is another good one. Goals…

Another good one.

This one is actually probably my favorite. I want to learn this all…

I want to learn it all. Now. All of it… Right now.

People Who Inspire Me

I wanted to share some links to YouTube videos and channels of people that I draw inspiration from. I’ll give you a video link and their names and a quick snippet. I love watching them all for very different reasons but they have all become a huge part of my life and have influenced the way I think, act, and what I do. I can’t thank them all enough for being who they are and sharing their lives with us through YouTube and other platforms. They have all impacted me in wonderful ways. Check them all out… Watch a video or two at least. And definitely subscribe to them. You will thank me, or them, or yourself later.


Gary Vaynerchuk is a businessman through and through. But he also is huge on self awareness, empathy, and doing the right thing. I believe he is leading the charge to change the world of leadership and business for the better. He speaks to me because he understands people, as I do, and desires to help them improve their lives through his voice, actions, and story. When I first started to watch his videos my entire thought process changed. I love everything he does, even the cursing. Side note… Look up the latest research about cursing and intelligence. It’s emotional intelligence and the ability to understand the words and their impact on people and use them in the proper way to convey a message. That’s what I love about my fancy little curse words I use here and there. This video is a mash up of Gary’s first 100 episodes that a fan did. I believe it is one of the best videos on his channel.


Casey Neistat is a film maker. He had a great deal of success before he blew up on YouTube as a daily vlogger. His expertise in film making, production, and cinematography helped him create one of the most successful vlogs on YouTube. I can’t tell you how much I love this videos. All of them. I went through and watched them all. Every… Single… One… And I loved them all. His style is unique. His videos are incredible. I can’t thank him enough for inspiring me. I was debating whether or not I should start a YouTube channel and attempt vlogs and other videos and I sat down and opened up my iPad one evening. The first video was a video that I believe was titles “Casey Neistat: A Guide To Life” and I started watching it. The very first thing in the video is him answering a question. The question is, “How do you become a film maker?” He answers, “Just start. Pick up whatever camera you have and just start.” The next day I did my first vlog and I haven’t stopped since. This video is Casey’s most recent video as of my posting this and it is also one that spoke to me. I’ve been in sort of a funk and something about this completely ripped me out of it and gave me my fire back. Thank you, Casey.


Philip DeFranco is my first and favorite YouTuber. His story is incredible. Where he came from to where he is now is great. I first discovered him about seven years ago. Since then I have known there was a way to do things in the world that was different the the traditional system I was taught. Since then I have wanted to use the internet, social media, and YouTube to help people and potentially create a living and a career. Unfortunately, I was too afraid to do so until recently. I watch all of his videos and I love how Phil reports the news and gives his opinions. His vlogs are usually hilarious. I would kill (not literally) for a chance to work for him in one of his companies and it is sort of a secret (not anymore) goal of mine with my channel to open some doors and potentially do something like that. I can’t thank Phil enough for opening my eyes to another world that I had no clue existed until about 2010. I only wish I had the courage to follow my heart back then. But… I’m on the way now. This video is Phil’s latest and a solid example of what he does regularly. He does not shy away from any news or giving his opinion about it and I can’t thank him enough for that.


Jon Olsson was/is a professional skier. He has started doing daily vlogs on his channel and I have to say… Some of them are absolutely mind blowing. The video quality, the settings, the story, the experience. Jon and his cast of characters are awesome people that do awesome things. Also huge inspirations for me in business, travel, and life. This video is breath taking, as are the rest of them while they were in Canada. I also admire his ability to create an interesting vlog out of ordinary days. You know… When he isn’t heli-skiing in Canada, checking out amazing boats and cars, traveling around the world on a whim, or doing all the other generally awesome things that he does. Someday… I want to do this. I only hope I can achieve that dream and that goal. Thank you Jon for being so obsessive with quality and attention to detail and for inspiring me with your videos, editing, and story. I only wish I was better at filming and editing, because I would love to be your third member of Team Overkill. Keep it up!


Maxx Chewning is a fitness and lifestyle vlogger. He recently quit his day job to open a gym and pursue YouTube and fitness and his businesses full time. Maxx is actually my absolute favorite to watch no matter what he does or where he is going because he is unique and hilarious and unapologetically himself. I believe he is one of the only YouTubers that I find myself actually laughing out loud when I watch. He is also a huge inspiration to me for that. It takes courage to stand up and be uniquely yourself and he does it wonderfully. This video was after Maxx had uploaded daily vlogs for twenty-five days straight and I think showcases his brain and his personality pretty well. Definitely check out other videos of his as well because he was a wide range and you should see all of him and what he does. Thanks for what you do and who you are, Maxx!


Christian Guzman is also a fitness and lifestyle vlogger. Also an entrepreneur, as are all the rest of the people I have shared. I love his story, I love his videos, and I love what he does. It actually frustrates me to a certain degree that he is much younger than me and has been able to accomplish so much already. He definitely inspires me to want to do more and diversify and build an empire. This video is him at the L.A. Fitness Expo and him exploring more business opportunities for his future. At some point, I want to be able to create awesome content and do great things like he is doing. Keep on getting it, Christian! Thanks for what you do.


Bradley Martyn is also a fitness and lifestyle vlogger. His content is funny, informative, and as real as it gets. This video is him ranting about some of the issues in the fitness industry and videos like these are one of the reasons that I love watching him. His vlogs and informative work out videos are also great… But I love the real, raw videos he does. The rant videos. The motivational and inspirational ones. Bradley seems like an awesome dude that genuinely wants to see other people succeed and be happy. And he genuinely wants to help them. Stay the realest. Thanks for what you do, Bradley!


I hope you enjoyed these videos and these channels. I love watching them, and others. Be sure to subscribe to them if you like them. They have all helped to change my life.


Welcome! Here are my social media links. I know most of you would rather stalk me there and get to know me than read what I have to say about myself… So go ahead! If you come back here after, I am going to add in some more about me after those links.

New YouTube channel… Facebook… Instagram… Twitter… Old YouTube channel… Go Fund Me

I am twenty-nine year old man from southeastern Ohio. I’m from a small town called Gallipolis. I currently live in Columbus. I am a proud dog-dad of two little yorkies. I love dogs, fitness, golf, gymnastics, tattoos, fashion, leadership, motivation, the internet, and social media. I love photography and video… I love psychology and sociology. Most of all I love helping people and developing humans and leaders. Somebody asked me once recently what I would do if money wasn’t a thing… I told them I would travel, help people, play golf, and work out. And take my little puppies with me and document it all. So that’s what I want to do and that’s what this blog and all the social media is for.

A little more clarity to that… I really want to teach people to teach people more effectively. I want to teach people to lead better. I want to help people in their lives with my knowledge of movement, psychology, sociology, and human behavior. Specifically through fitness, golf, gymnastics, and all the things around that. I am exceptionally passionate about motivation and leadership and I really want to help the world. Creativity is something that has become big in my life as well. I have realized that helping people to be creative and spark their own creativity has helped to make their lives better.

That’s all I have for now… Here are some of the videos I have done… Check them out!

This is an edit of my sweet puppies playing around the other day.

A vlog of my day and packing and traveling. So much to do…

This was me playing with editing and learning how to do commentary over a range session.

My biggest asset… My knowledge of movement, skills, and training athletes.

Last day of the year… Including workouts, some travel, some puppies, and some flips!

I made this video to acknowledge that most of my videos are going to be full of my thoughts and opinions.

I hope you like the videos. Give them a thumbs up if you do. And please subscribe if you like what I’m doing!