Welcome! Here are my social media links. I know most of you would rather stalk me there and get to know me than read what I have to say about myself… So go ahead! If you come back here after, I am going to add in some more about me after those links.

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I am twenty-nine year old man from southeastern Ohio. I’m from a small town called Gallipolis. I currently live in Columbus. I am a proud dog-dad of two little yorkies. I love dogs, fitness, golf, gymnastics, tattoos, fashion, leadership, motivation, the internet, and social media. I love photography and video… I love psychology and sociology. Most of all I love helping people and developing humans and leaders. Somebody asked me once recently what I would do if money wasn’t a thing… I told them I would travel, help people, play golf, and work out. And take my little puppies with me and document it all. So that’s what I want to do and that’s what this blog and all the social media is for.

A little more clarity to that… I really want to teach people to teach people more effectively. I want to teach people to lead better. I want to help people in their lives with my knowledge of movement, psychology, sociology, and human behavior. Specifically through fitness, golf, gymnastics, and all the things around that. I am exceptionally passionate about motivation and leadership and I really want to help the world. Creativity is something that has become big in my life as well. I have realized that helping people to be creative and spark their own creativity has helped to make their lives better.

That’s all I have for now… Here are some of the videos I have done… Check them out!

This is an edit of my sweet puppies playing around the other day.

A vlog of my day and packing and traveling. So much to do…

This was me playing with editing and learning how to do commentary over a range session.

My biggest asset… My knowledge of movement, skills, and training athletes.

Last day of the year… Including workouts, some travel, some puppies, and some flips!

I made this video to acknowledge that most of my videos are going to be full of my thoughts and opinions.

I hope you like the videos. Give them a thumbs up if you do. And please subscribe if you like what I’m doing!