The Fire

I am so excited to share this. The song is The Fire by The Roots.

As the upload to YouTube finished I grinned from ear to ear. As I played to video to make sure it was right… Tears rolled down my face uncontrollably as I continued to grin. I am so proud of the girl she was. I am proud to have coached her. I am proud to have known her. I know that I benefitted from her much more than she benefitted from having me as her coach. I have always loved this song and it jumped out to me as I thought about what to use for this montage. As I played it to confirm, I cried tears of joy. I feel like it was perfect for her.

The leotard at the end of the montage was one of her favorites. Angel wings on her back. She outgrew it and passed it on just before her accident.

Please help me continue to immortalize this amazing child. Post, share, tweet, link, and do whatever you can to tell everybody about Andrea Bailes. Why? For Andrea Bailes.

I have recently added the video to because of some YouTube problems. I changed the embedded video link.

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  1. Matt,
    Words can’t express how thankful I am for everything you are doing for my baby girl. There’s no better gym family anywhere. For everything you did/do for her, I am forever grateful. I am finding some comfort knowing that she has touched more people in her short 14 years than most people touch in their whole lives. I feel God puts everyone in our lives for a reason….her reason was to show us how to really live. Her strength will get us through, I know it. Again, thank you & Dory for loving my daughter.

    Your family,

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